Jeanne Hollingsworth  

What I learned from the land and from my horses reading the land is what I know and believe.  The Earth moves forward honestly.  It’s the only way to grow. Wherever you are whatever you nurture, that will grow.

If you don’t have a dream, how are you going to have a dream come true? Your dream is what I want to satisfy.  You let me know what you need and desire in a property, in a home, with your land, I find it.  You like it, you buy it and the negotiation starts.

Without regard to other agents' wishes or the seller, I negotiate for the buyer with a skill like in any winning game. It’s a negotiation.  To find the price of the seller is the first part, then the negotiation begins over the Request for Repair.

Investigations fuel the fire permits checked, reports are gathered, the buyer knows more about the property than the seller does in many cases. The buyer has the upper hand as only he can cancel the contract.

Each is unique to the wishes of the buyer as an individual which are as distinct as are the properties and the uses of the land. I know the Real Estate business and how to play it.  A keen perception with the divination of property paired to the buyer. A Koomboya moment of the Buyer truly falling in love with the home. A friend forever in the small tight-knit community of the Santa Ynez Valley.

This is my life.  Please come and join me while you can.